Our Phở Noodle Soups are based on our 70+ year-old secret family recipe made famous in Ca Mau, Vietnam (Phở Kim Hưng, est. 1944). We take pride in creating the highest concentration of stock; slowly simmered & reduced overnight to a deep, savory, bowl of hot Phở “fuh” Noodles. Much like in Vietnam, we hold true to tradition by using only the freshest ingredients and herbs from local markets in St. Louis! In addition to our Signature Noodles, we invite you to try some highlights of our favorite Vietnamese dishes done our way, everyday!

Thank you for joining us today and we hope to be your favorite Vietnamese Restaurant!

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  • review rating 5  I pity those who rate low and probably have champagne taste on a beer budget. I’d like to take a guess how well they perform at their job, if they work. “Anyone who expects a perfect world will be the only one in it”. Lighten up Hollywood wanna bee’s.

    thumb TK Fudge

    review rating 5  One of my favorite places to eat healthy, satisfying pho. Great service and their coffee is excellent, too. Love it and wish we had in the metro east.

    thumb Mybiz

    review rating 5  The best Pho in the town! Very reasonable price with the high quality of food provided.

    thumb Allen Lu

    review rating 5  Delicious! I love the Beef Pho and the Beef Belly and rice meal. So flavorful! The housemade lemonade is refreshing and the perfect amount of tart and sweet just like lemonade should be. The staff is always friendly and fast. I'm always so full when I eat here. We come often and will continue!

    thumb Tamara
  • review rating 5  The first time I heard about pho was on YouTube and I wanted to try it. I actually made my own the first I ever tried it and it was amazing. But I wanted to try real authentic pho and this place is the best. I love love love their ox tail pho. Really nice flavor broth. I would eat it everyday if I could. And they have good pot stickers can’t find chicken pot stickers at other places.

    thumb Morgan McBride

    review rating 5  Loved everything that was put in front of me. The service was fast and food was prepared fantastic. The music playing in background set a great mood. I'll be back.

    thumb Jeffrey Hart

    review rating 5  Delicious!!! Every time I go I am never disappointed. I get their spring rolls and either the P3 or P8. Best Pho in St. Louis!!!

    thumb Gru 31

    review rating 5  This is the best place. It’s my go to place for food. Never disappointed. Been going here for years.

    thumb myia dixon
  • review rating 5  Great service and delicious food

    thumb maria marmolejo

    review rating 5  The dinning room is nothing fancy, you come in and take a seat. Waitress cam by quick we ordered and didn't wait long. The soups are very good and you get a lot. A heaping plate of bean sprouts, cilantro and basel is provided for you to add to the soup. My wife and I could not finish all of it. We had appetizers hot tea two soups and was out the door for $35.00.

    thumb Bradley Barnes

    review rating 5  Great spot! Loved the food and the very friendly service. Brought a number of people new to Vietnamese food, and everyone really enjoyed the food and the experience. Vietnamese coffee was also great!

    thumb T Hanson

    review rating 5  Best bowl of pho I've ever had.

    thumb Calamari Zackari
  • review rating 5  Great small family owned restaurant, fresh food. Highly recommended.

    thumb Roman Nikitin

    review rating 5  Best pho in town and great atmosphere.

    thumb thundercoupe9

    review rating 5  Very close to my work, very good food, very fast service. Thank you!

    thumb Alexis Govreau

    review rating 5  Very close to my work, very good food, very fast service. Thank you!

    thumb Alexis Govreau
  • review rating 5  Very good food, great vegetarian options, nice staff

    thumb Randy Hartmann

    review rating 5  Pho Long's dishes are superb! Make sure to visit it early 🙂 They get super busy and the wait time can be longer...

    thumb M Ivey

    review rating 5  My favorite place for Pho. Staff is always friendly and the service is fast.

    thumb Jane Kinney

    review rating 5  Best Pho I've had in St. Louis - and there are many good places!

    thumb Brian Huesgen
  • review rating 5  Absolutely the best cuisine I have had of this nature in Saint Louis. This will definitely be a fan favorite for me!

    thumb S Liddell

    review rating 5  Awesome pho for an amazing price. Probably the best meatballs I've had in pho.

    thumb Justin Beckerman

    review rating 5  They always get you a really good meal and they serve pretty fast as well. If you're really hungry and want pho, always ask for extra noodles to get you full.

    thumb Dominik Kosican

    review rating 5  Fresh and satisfying Vietnamese Pho and other great foods! Definitely recommend 👍

    thumb Celia McManus
  • review rating 5  My favorite pho place in town hands down (slight bias because it's in my neighborhood) but I'm never disappointed when I want something comforting. My favorite is the #9 on the menu that comes with just about everything including wonderfully tender oxtail. The broth has excellent flavor and that's pretty much all you need to nail when it comes to pho.

    thumb Kenneth Mao

    review rating 5  haven't eaten here in years since we moved away. staff is still as friendly as ever, and the offerings are as i remember them. generous servings, quality ingredients, attention to detail.

    thumb Stef Ofhfs

    review rating 5  Very busy little restaurant! But, totally worth the wait! Delicious vegetarian options! Highly recommend!

    thumb Laura Taylor

    review rating 5  An absolutely incredible dining experience. There are so many great things on the menu... something for everyone, whether your a vegetarian, health conscious, or a card carrying Carnivore like me. I had the beef belly yesterday with rice and it was absolutely amazing!

    thumb Mike Lipel
  • review rating 5  This place is AMAZING! The atmosphere is welcoming, the staff very friendly and the food was fantastic!! PHO was off the charts and perfect during the GIA snowstorm! Highly recommend this place. I promise you won't be disappointed! P8 was my menu choice and the A1 appetizer.

    thumb Carole Nier

    review rating 5  Try the ox tail, the broth was so beefy. Everything was fresh and the place looks dope. The staff was also very nice. I don't know how they could improve upon my experiance.

    thumb Blake Rhodes

    review rating 5  What an absolute gem of a restaurant. The 2nd location of what is arguably the best Vietnamese food in town does not disappoint. This staff is courteous, helpful, and especially friendly. They explain different items on the menu well, and do offer suggestions. Our appetizers and entrees were absolutely magnificent. The flavor profiles were extraordinary, and we cannot wait to go back again. This is certainly a restaurant that we will be telling our family and friends about. You gotta try Pho Long!

    thumb mike lipel

    review rating 5  I've had the chance to come here twice before j moved and I'm hooked. Dont be alarmed if they are packed when you get there, they seat you almost instantly. Great service and DELICIOUS food! Highly recommend!

    thumb Rj Russo

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